Jakob Widerin

music :: composition :: production

I’m a musician, composer and music producer from Salzburg, Austria.

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Film Soundtracks

Stoffwechsel OST Medley
Gunima Reloaded OST Medley Pt.1
Gunima Reloaded OST Medley Pt.2
Liebe, Drogen und weitere Laster O...
The Dark Side - On a Mission
The Dark Side - The Battle
The Dark Side - Transformation
The Dark Side - Her Theme

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Production Music

Heading East | Electro, Rock
Stampin' Feet | Alt-Rock
Dancing Robots | Alt-Rock
Bed of Leaves | Acoustic Cue
Follow Me | Uplifting Orchestral Cue
The Matter of Time | String Quartet Cue
Magical Season | Orchestral Cue
Jaunty Strings | String Quartet Cue
En la Taberna | Spanish Guitar


composition • production • mixing • live music

I’m a composer and producer for media music from Salzburg, Austria.
I also work as a studio mixing engineer and perform as a multi-instrumentalist in the Art-Rock Band “Blank Manuskript”.

I live and work in Salzburg, Austria. Here I work in a music production studio, where, besides writing music, I can record and mix a lot of the music, I produce.

For as long as I can think, I’ve had a connection to music, learned various instruments throughout my childhood and youth and ended up studying the saxophone in my early twenties. I’ve played in various bands, always keen on learning new instruments and musical styles.

While my musical education in school was oriented more towards classical music, I got to know to Pop and Jazz music through my experiences in bands and later at the university. Today, I like the possibility of picking elements from all different styles when writing and producing music.

This eventually led me to music for the media. Telling stories through creating emotional worlds, offer great musical freedom and can be achieved in so many different ways and styles. Being not limited to one musical language and though creating a consistent and coherent sonic picture is one of many aspects, that keep this job so fascinating to me.

I then studied ‘advanced film scoring and -production’ and started to work as a full-time composer and producer.

I collaborate with a variety of musicians here in Salzburg, from classically trained instrumentalists and singers to Jazz-, Pop- and Rock-artists. In certain projects I work with ‘Soundkredenz Salzburg’ in case of more extensive recordings.

Aside from composing and producing I am an active member of the Band ‘Blank Manuskript‘ and I work as a studio mixing engineer, lately doing additional jobs for Soundkredenz and the MyGroove App.


OH Familie
Fantasy, AT, 2024
12min. Short dir. by Lukas Ladner
(w/ Dominik Wallner)

Library Music
for viral-music.com

Drama, GE, 2023
30min. Short dir. by Harry Besel
(w/ Dominik Wallner)

Brewberry Spell
Romantic, GE, 2023
10min. Short dir. by Annika Nimz

Happy Fucking Whatever
Dark Comedy, GE, 2023
25min. Short dir. by Madeleine C. Bonneau


FUNty – ZillertalArena Ticketshop
Commercial, AT, 2022/23
Zillertal Arena, Laterna, Soundkredenz
(w/ Dominik Wallner)

Kein Spiel
Crime; Thriller, GE, 2022
85min. independent feature film by Szene9; dir. by Benedict Schulz

Liebe, Drogen und weitere Laster
Coming of Age, GE, 2022
40min. Short dir. by Julian Lippke

Servus Kinder Magazin
Commercial, AT, 2022
Red Bull MediaHouse

Gunima Reloaded
Fantasy-Western, GE, 2022
30min. Short dir. by Ömer Pekyürek


FUNty – Happy und Safe in der Zillertal Arena
Info Film, AT, 2021
Zillertal Arena, Laterna, Soundkredenz
(w/ Dominik Wallner)

Crime; Thriller, CH, 2021
26min. Short dir. by Katherine Wüscher

Mios Geschichtenrad
Jingle, AT, 2021
Bibliothekarsverband Salzburg, Land Salzburg


Romantic Drama, CH, 2024
10min. Short by Moonbird Pictures; dir. by Katherine Wüscher
Recording, Produktion, Mixing & Mastering Guggisberglied

Blank Manuskript
Live at The Musician, Leicester 2023
Live-Video, Mixing & Mastering

since 2022

Audio postproduction (mixing/mastering)
for MyGroove App.
MyGroove, Soundkredenz


Blank Manuskript –The Cult of Birdman
Live at The Musician, Leicester 2022
Live-Video, Mixing & Mastering


Blank Manuskript – Himmelfahrt
Live-Album, Mixing

Cage of Perception –The Magician‘s Dance
Album, Recording & Mixing

find Blank Manuskript here:

Official Website






Blank Manuskript live at Night of the Prog 2022, Loreley
© Jaak Geebelen

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Jakob Widerin
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